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Moonshae Isles

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Moonshae Isles - The Isles of Shae - Fort Lauderda
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More than anything else, this is a quick place for the BBS gang to find eachother on LiveJournal, and to direct those people who have not found the Yahoo group yet to the group. There is also a MySpace off-shoot created by MrWheat which was created to further segment the group. The intention of this is not to segment the group, but to bring everyone closer together by showing them where the original group is. The yahoo group is a mailing list which can go from nothing to a lot of information at a moment's notice.

This community has been created as a place for conversation, to take away some of the "flooding" from the yahoo group. The threads here are a little cleaner, and we also seem to be gaining more and more users on here from the boards...

This will be a general area for geeks and bbsing. The community will not be limited to the users of the Pinnacle, Moonshae, High Society, Realm of Legends, or the years in which we were on these boards. The MajorBBS was popular in the late 90's as well, and there are younger groups than those of us from the beginning, in 1984... If you are ONLY looking for alumni from these boards, please take a look at the Moonshae Alumni Yahoo Group.

Welcome, and have fun!