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Posted by weatherangel on 2006.08.06 at 16:09
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I started updating Wikipedia with some of the information that I know for a fact on MBBS and Tim Stryker. For example, if you search on Kyrandia, you only find the entry for Westwood Studios, until you finally get down to Tim Stryker's name. There's a lot more information there, that is just missing that would be cool to have recorded there...

So much information, so few minutes to input...

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MBBS Drama...

Posted by weatherangel on 2006.08.06 at 16:07
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Wow... who knew there was so much drama! Check out the forums here if you're in to Galacticomm history: http://www.themajorbbs.com...

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So I'm an ass :)

Posted by weatherangel on 2006.08.04 at 12:47
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Mr. Wheat created the MoonshaeAlumni group on MySpace, so this is my challenger for LiveJournal... The difference? I actually state where the original yahoo group is so that everyone can find the main group :) Anyway, I thought a group on here would be neat, so I created it.

For anyone questioning why I've created this, it's because 1) I don't want to flood the yahoo group like I seem to be so able to do, and 2) I like the threading in here a lot better than the yahoo group. Not only that, but I just feel more at home here, much like some people will feel at home in the other areas. To each their own. But mainly, I wanted a place to post stuff and show friends. Anyone who doesn't want to see what I have to say, can block me and hey! then I won't be bothering them with what I have to say :) The bonus of using a system like LJ...

Anyway, it's empty for now, but check out moonshaeisles...

Join in the fun if you like, since I know there are quite a few of us who are also from the boards :)

Oh, and I'm not limiting it to the people who were on the boards back then. We all have ways of contacting eachother, and anyone who wants to share those details can do it through eachother's journals, or through the yahoo group.